What's the role of Autodesk Seek in getting your products specified?

Autodesk Research revealed opportunities for building product manufacturers to increase their visibility to potential customers early in the design process.

The latest Autodesk Seek User Research found that 71% of Seek users personally specify or recommend building products. 80% of Seek users said the branded-products they specify or recommend in their designs and drawings will be purchased for the projects.

In 2013, Autodesk Seek recorded more than 1.8 million unique visitors, 15 million product searches, and 4.7 million manufacturer-branded file downloads.
Receive a complimentary copy of Autodesk Seek User Survey Results 2013. Gain insight into:

•  Who's on Seek
•  What types of projects Seek users specify
•  What are the most sought-after product models on Seek
•  What are the roles of Seek users in influencing product purchasing decision


Source: Seek Internal Web Data. 2013. Google Analytics